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Universal Preschool Commentary

We've assembled provocative opinion and commentary on the value, or lack thereof, of universal preschool and the importance of parental involvement in early childhood development. Whether you agree or not, we hope this section will at least make you scratch your head and say, "hmmmmm..."

Daycares Don't Care, How Can a Daycare Love? ~ Daycare Quote of the Month ~
First Day at Daycare - My daughter comes home smelling like another woman's perfume.
Everyone knows it's true; but almost everyone's afraid to say it: Daycare institutions don't care about or love your child like you do. For years, many experts have been warning us about the detrimental consequences for children placed in day care. This website contains an extensive index of publications about daycare from well-known child development authorities, psychologists, psychiatrists, pediatricians, public policy analysts, sociologists, daycare providers, and others. July 19, 2005 [More Results from]