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Universal Preschool News

Confused about the benefits or harm of Universal Preschool? Is it a silver bullet for education reform or a waste of money?
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In this section, you'll find editorials, legislation, public policy and trends on issues relating to preschool, pre-kindergarten, childcare and the push toward universal preschool education. Particularly of note are articles concerning the states claim of a compelling interest in compulsory preschool education. Visit often for the latest preschool news.

Mark Dayton continues universal preschool push Universal preschool supporters say the uncertainty Gabriela Bazan faced about whether her child would get an early learning scholarship is a prime example of why Minnesota needs a public program for all four-year-olds. The South St. Paul mother of four, told a group of state lawmakers that after watching one of her older boys struggle in elementary school she knew preschool was important for her youngest son, four-year-old Alexandro. But she worried about whether she would qualify for help to afford the newly expanded preschool program at Kaposia Education Center. by Christopher Magan April 2, 2016 [More Results from]
Universal preschool: Good idea, hard to do Local school officials support President Barack Obama's proposal for universal preschool, but say they have no money or space to make it happen. In his State of the Union address Feb. 12, Obama called for quality preschool education for every child in the nation. Increasing preschool attendance would reduce teen pregnancy and violent crime and increase the rate of high school graduation, while bridging the gap between disadvantaged and middle-class children, the president said. by Rebecca Layne March 13, 2013 [More Results from]
Reiner Steals From Children Six years after actor-director Rob Reiner won voter approval in 1998 for a 50-cent-a-pack cigarette tax, millions of dollars raised by the measure in LA County have been spent on travel and administration but the universal preschool program it was suppose A recent state audit found the commission had only spent 15 percent of its funds. Since its creation in 1999, the commission has received $820 million in tobacco tax revenues. Similar problems have arisen elsewhere in the state. by Troy Anderson November 16, 2005 [More Results from Smokers Club Inc]