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Cognitive Development &
A Typical Course of Study for Preschool

By Frances Wisniewski and Diane Flynn Keith
With Contributions By Annette M. Hall

You hear a lot in the media about how researchers in the field of early childhood education say the early years of life, from ages 0-5, are the prime time for brain development. They tell us that children should be exposed to numerous experiences that lead to cognitive development so that they will have academic success when they begin school.

What exactly is "cognitive development" and what can preschool parents do to encourage it in their own young children without sending them to preschool?

There's no big mystery to "cognitive development." It refers to functions of the brain such as thinking, learning, awareness, judgment, and processing information. These are things healthy children do quite naturally as they learn and grow.

Here are some of the activities that correlate with the cognitive developmental stage of 2-5 year olds. A typical course of study designed for preschoolers suggests concepts that educators think children ages 2-5 should learn.

What follows is an adapted and simplified listing of the World Book Encyclopedia's Typical Course of Study for Preschoolers.

It suggests the key concepts to help children understand during the preschool years.

Activities should help the preschooler to:

Understand Size:

Identify Colors and Shapes:

Identify Numbers & Count:

Reading Readiness Concepts & Skills:

Listening and Sequencing:

Position and Direction:

Motor Skills:

Got my thinking cap on...

Social-Emotional Development:

Note: This list includes skills necessary to attend school. If you intend to homeschool, then some of these items would not be necessary. Homeschooled children can develop these skills in a much more natural and less stressful way.

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Home Preschool Curriculum

Fun and Easy Activities to Boost Your Tot's Brain Power
and Provide a Head Start on Early Learning

By Frances Wisniewski and Diane Flynn Keith
With Contributions By Annette M. Hall

Get ideas and activities to help you help your child understand the concepts needed to succeed whether they attend school or homeschool.

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